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About The Perry Clayman Project (PCP)

PCP was founded in 2005 by Perry Clayman, who having been through a substance misuse problem himself and successfully recovered, had the belief that every person suffering from an addiction should be able to access residential drug and alcohol treatment to achieve the same. 

Since opening nearly 20 years ago, our first rehab in Luton was quickly followed by treatment centres and supported housing services in London, Chelmsford, Leicester and Cardiff.

The patients we treat come from all walks of life, different ages, backgrounds, professions and ethnicities. Addiction does not discriminate – it can and does affect us all. 

Over the years we have grown a strong and diverse team, most of whom are in recovery themselves and many of whom have been with us from day one. 


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Our Treatment

PCP delivers inpatient treatment programmes ranging from 10 days through to 6 months. Most of our patients start their treatment programme with a drug and/or alcohol detox, facilitated by our substance misuse specialist Doctor and team of Nurses.

We then go about the rehabilitation process by providing a range of different therapeutic interventions, both in group and 1-2-1 settings, all aimed at helping the person understand what is beneath their addiction and to provide them with the vial tools and life skills required to maintain long term sobriety

PCP employs Psychotherapists and Registered mental health Nurses, to help people to overcome any mental health problem running alongside their addiction.

All of our detox accommodation is on-site with 24 hour staffing. We also employ Chefs to run our commercial kitchens and provide 3 nutritious meals a day to our patients.

All of our patients receive complimentary aftercare for life, consisting of weekly group sessions and 1-2-1 support. For those in need of safe accommodation, we can provide this via our supported housing programme. 


Many of our clients arrive at PCP with many years of active addiction and often many years of misery before that. Ultimately it can take a long time to ‘un-weave’ the chaos of someone’s life in addiction, so our general advice is, the more time people can have adopting this new lifestyle, the better the long term outcome.

However long someone is with us, we will always aim to provide them with a solid foundation for a life in recovery, a new beginning.


Our Values

Community – We strive for a sense of togetherness and shared goals 

Empowerment – We believe in empowering our clients to obtain the skills and tools required to achieve a happy, fulfilled life in recovery.

Safety – Clinical Safety is our priority. Our job is to protect our people from harm and abuse. 

Mentoring – Role-modelling recovery as a viable, attainable lifestyle. 

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What we treat

Addiction is a complicated condition, it is more than just the drink and drugs. People don’t choose to become addicts and alcoholics, for many there are underlying issues stemming from trauma, grief and loss. Reflective of society today, anxiety and depression often lead to addiction and are worsened because of it. 

The Perry Clayman Project treat the following conditions:

– Depression & Anxiety

– Co-dependency

– Relationship problems

– Problem Gambling

– Sex addiction 

– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

– Bereavement / Loss

Just like the people that use our services, there is no ”one size fits all” – our treatment is genuinely tailored to meet the needs of the individuals we treat. 

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