GHB and GBL Addiction

If you or a loved one have an addiction problem to GHB or GBL, The Perry Clayman Project can provide an immediate detox and rehabilitation programme.

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, medically recognised by NIH (National Institutes of Health) and PHE (Public Health England). It is progressive and life-threatening and has a devastating impact on the sufferer and their family.

Whilst addiction cannot be cured, with professional treatment it can be successfully arrested and recovery maintained. If you need help for a GHB or GBL addiction, please call us today.

What are GHB and GBL?

GHB is a Class C controlled drug under the Substance Misuse Act 1971. Medically it is used as an anaesthetic. GBL is very similar and is converted to GHB very quickly by the body.

Used illicitly, both can have serious consequences to the user’s health and wellbeing. GHB and GBL have been linked to many cases of serious sexual offences, including rape. Strength varies, so there is no safe dosage for illicit use of these drugs.

What Are The Effects of GHB and GBL?

Popular amongst the gay community and used at sex parties, GHB and GBL lower inhibitions and increase the desire for risky sexual behaviours. They also have sedative and amnesic effects, making it difficult for users to recall events whilst under its influence.

What do GHB and GBL Look and Taste Like?

GHB and GBL come in colourless and odourless liquids. Both are slightly oily in texture and salty in taste. Diluted with a flavoured drink, their presence becomes extremely difficult to detect. This means that they can easily be used to spike someone’s drink at a party, club, or pub and is why they are linked to many cases of sexual crime.

GHB and GBL also come in white powder form, that can be snorted for an instant high. In powder form, it looks similar to Cocaine, Ketamine and other white powdered drugs.

Are GHB and GBL Addictive?

Whilst most users are able to use these drugs on a recreational basis to enhance sexual desire and performance, their effects can be seductively addictive. GHB and GBL are extremely physically and psychologically addictive.

You can not only become addicted to the effects of the drug, but also to the risky behaviours they encourage.

Are GHB and GBL Dangerous?

Both of these drugs are very dangerous when taken outside of a clinical environment. There is a high chance that you will engage in sexual behaviour that you would not normally when sober.

Taken in excess or mixed with other drugs, they can cause unconsciousness, coma, respiratory failure and death. If others around you are taking these drugs, they may not even realise that you are unwell until it is too late.

Do I need Help for my GHB and GBL use?

If your use of GHB and GBL has had negative consequences and yet you are unable to stop taking it, then yes you do need help and professional treatment. Lack of control indicates that you are possibly suffering from an addiction.

Further signs that you need urgent help for GHB and GBL use include:

  • Preoccupied thinking about the drug
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you miss a regular dose
  • Once you start using GHB or GBL you often use more than originally intended and lose control
  • You feel embarrassed or ashamed of your behaviour whilst under the drug’s influence
  • Your drug taking and risky behaviour has escalated
  • You often cannot recall events that happened whilst high on GHB or GBL
  • Family and friends have expressed concern
  • You have suffered negative consequences as a result of your drug use.
  • Your use of GHB and GBL has affected other areas of your life; including relationships, finances, work and health
  • You feel very depressed and alone and have had suicidal thoughts

Withdrawal Symptoms of GHB and GBL

It is a myth that these drugs do not cause physical dependence and withdrawal. Withdrawal from GHB and GBL can be extremely distressing and even dangerous.

GHB and GBL can cause a physical dependence in anyone that takes it regularly for prolonged periods of time.

Withdrawal symptoms from GHB and GBL can, at their worst, be similar to withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines.

The correct help for GHB and GBL withdrawal can be difficult to access. At PCP rehab, we will do all we can medically and therapeutically to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the withdrawal process.

How long do withdrawal symptoms last from GHB and GBL addiction?

Where there is a physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms from GHB and GBL can last for up to 10-14 days, in some cases longer. It is important that you put the correct measures in place before attempting to stop.

Please contact us if you would like help with withdrawal symptoms and are interested in a full medical detox.

Detox for GHB and GBL

Detox for GHB and GBL is very hard to access in the community, yet stopping “cold turkey” can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Our medically trained staff will thoroughly assess your dependence levels on admission to one of our drug detox clinics. Our Doctors will prescribe medication to help you through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and ensure that you are monitored throughout.

Severe GHB and GBL withdrawal is a serious matter; we therefore strongly recommend a medical detox for your physical and mental safety.

Professional Help for GHB and GBL Addiction

PCP rehabs are very professional in their approach to GHB and GBL addiction treatment. If you have an abuse problem or addiction to either of these drugs, you may feel shame, guilt and remorse around your behaviours. We are extremely compassionate and sensitive to this.

Our CQC regulated addiction rehab centres have qualified counsellors, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and support workers. All very skilled and experienced in their individual roles.

Please don’t let shame hold you back from asking for professional help and treatment for a GHB and GBL addiction. Not asking for help for any addiction, could cost you your life.

Rehab for GHB and GBL Addiction

If you or a loved one need rehab for GHB or GBL addiction or abuse, we can help you. We provide highly effective and affordable CQC registered treatment for any individual with an alcohol or drug problem. We also specialise in treating dual diagnosis and behavioural addictions.

Our rehab programmes are affordable and very successful in helping addicts to overcome their addiction and go on to live happy and productive lives.

We offer a variety of rehab programmes for GHB and GBL including:

  • Medical inpatient detox
  • Bespoke addiction rehabilitation programmes
  • Long term and short term rehab
  • Primary and secondary care
  • Sober living accommodation / Tertiary care
  • Free aftercare

We can detox and rehabilitate you from GHB and GBL, providing you with the necessary recovery tools and relapse prevention techniques to enable you to break free from addiction to these drugs for good.

Please call us today for immediate addiction help.