Pre-Admission Form

Nurse assesses patient for Detox or Rehab

If you have booked your place at one of our rehabs, please complete the following form. Please note the information we require is about the patient, our preference is that this form is completed directly by them, however if this is not possible, a family member, friend, of professional can complete this on the patient’s behalf. The more information you can provide at this stage, the better, however if you are unsure of anything, don’t worry.

All fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, if you don’t know the answer to any of the questions, please get in touch with one of our Advisors. 

Once you have completed the form, a member of our Nursing team will be in touch, to prepare you and us for a safe admission into the service. 

Pre-Admission Form

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A Straightforward and Welcoming Process

Rehab Today by PCP understands that admitting to rehab for addiction treatment or detox can be a frightening prospect for most. For the vast majority of individuals who come to us for help, it is a slow process of surrendering to the fact that they cannot carry on as they are any longer. Admission to one of our rehab centres is one of the most courageous and worthwhile things you can do, not just for your family, but for yourself.

Rehab Admission Uk

Immediate and Emergency Rehab Admissions

Rehab Today by PCP appreciate, that due to the nature of addiction, many individuals will only accept help when they see no other way out of their increasingly painful situation. This means that most people who contact us require an immediate admission having reached a crisis point. We are dedicated to meeting our patients’ treatment needs. We understand the need to act quickly and professionally in response to a request for help. Rehab Today by PCP has a dedicated emergency admissions team on standby 24/7, to ensure that you or your loved one are admitted as quickly and as seamlessly as possible, usually within 24 hours of contacting us.


Pre-booked Rehab Admissions

If you have decided that you want to admit to one of our rehabs, but have some business or family matters to take care of first, we can book you an admission date on receipt of a deposit. A treatment bed will then be held open for the date you decide on.


Getting Here

Rehab Today by PCP has 4 treatment centres in various UK locations. All are easily accessible by public transport or by car. If you are not able to get yourself here, please call us in advance of admission to discuss possible sober transportation. Whether you are admitting to our London, Luton, Chelmsford or Leicestershire rehab clinic, you will be provided with the full address, contact number and details of how to get there.


Complete Confidentiality

Rehab Today by PCP respects our patients’ right to have their admission and treatment kept confidential. You can, therefore, be assured that we will not give out your details to anyone. We will not even confirm your admission unless that person is on your approved contact list. Even then, no personal details of your treatment will be disclosed.


What to Expect on Admission to Our Rehab

When you arrive at your chosen location you will receive a very warm and friendly welcome from our rehab team, who will be expecting you. You will be shown around the rehab to familiarise yourself and introduced to the clinical team and other patients. Any outstanding paperwork will also be completed prior to treatment commencing and you will be presented with a timetable of our addiction treatment therapies and break times.

On the first day of admission, we try to keep things as simple as possible so as not to overwhelm you. You will, therefore, meet with your focal counselor on your first or second day of admission, depending on how you are feeling.


Comprehensive Medical Assessment

Once admitted, you will undergo a comprehensive medical assessment, conducted by our friendly rehab doctor. Our doctor will take a detailed history of your addiction, current medications, and any physical and/or mental health problems.

Where alcohol and/or drug dependency is established, a medical detox regime will be prescribed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This also helps to ensure your safety whilst detoxing and minimizes any discomfort. Your physical and mental health will be regularly monitored throughout the treatment process. For further information or answers to any questions you may have in relation to our admissions process, please speak to a member of our Rehab Today by PCP team and read our ‘what to bring to rehab’ section.