3rd Stage Supported Housing

Rehab Today offers 3rd stage supported housing at our Chelmsford rehab in Essex, our Luton, Bedfordshire rehab; and our rehab in Leicester, Midlands.

Supported housing is the third stage of rehab treatment that follows completion of primary alcohol rehab or drug rehab, and/or secondary rehab treatment. Each client is independently assessed by their key worker and support staff on their readiness to progress onto 3rd stage supported housing.

PCP’s supported third stage rehab, or tertiary rehab as it’s sometimes known, offers a safe environment within an established recovery community and continued support from our rehab and staff.

We feel it is important that our clients are given this opportunity, support and time to adapt to clean and sober living, as part of the transition back into independent living.

The Benefits of 3rd Stage Supported Housing

Benefits of staying on within our 3rd stage supported housing include:

  • 24/7 call outs from support workers if there is an urgent problem that requires immediate attention
  • A dedicated Housing Manager that oversees Move On and manages the day to day aspects of our recovery houses
  • Regular key working sessions with one of our counsellors/therapists
  • The opportunity to volunteer, train, study or find employment with support from our rehab staff
  • Randomised alcohol and drug testing to keep third stage living accommodation safe and abstinent.
  • Support, encouragement and friendship from peers in your accommodation
  • Separate gender houses
  • Regular housing meetings to address any issues within the house
  • The opportunity to volunteer, undergo training, gain skills and qualifications that lead to paid work at our rehab.
  • Further cement your recovery with a gentle reintegration back into society with the support of your housemates, our rehab and the local recovery community.
  • 3rd stage supported living can facilitate relocation

We also accept those from other rehabs that are non affiliated with Rehab Today by PCP, providing a full primary care programme has been satisfactorily completed. We want every recovering addict and alcoholic to have the opportunity to benefit from what we have to offer.

Who Needs 3rd Stage Supported Housing?

3rd stage supported housing appeals to many different individuals, from all walks of life, due to the supportive abstinent based environment that it has to offer. You will also have the freedom to start to rebuild your life and learn to implement what we have taught you during residential rehab, in the outside world.

Those that are rootless, homeless, or vulnerable need 3rd stage supported housing in order to gain security and support through the early days of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The sober living accommodation is also ideal for those that do not have a supportive home environment or are at risk of relapse or repercussions from dealers and using associates in their hometown.

For further information on our 3rd stage supported housing, please call and speak to a member of our team and read through our 3rd Stage Housing brochure for details.

For more information about PCP Housing please visit www.pcphousing.org.uk

View our detailed brochure here: Rehab Today by PCP Housing Leaflet