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Addiction Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Here at the Perry Clayman Project, we support people with a wide range of addictions, including gambling, sex addiction and co-dependency. We find that the most critical aspect of beating any addiction problem, is to recognise that you have one in the first place.

We understand how difficult it can be for you and your loved ones. Many people experience years of turmoil and denial before finally admitting they have a problem, their willpower and willingness to stop is not enough, and that professional addiction treatment is needed.

Accepting help does not mean that you are weak – your bravery to reach out is key to recovery and will inevitably place you and your loved ones on a life changing path of freedom, peace and happiness. 

What We Do

We provide safe and effective abstinence based treatment, with free long term aftercare and supported housing. We provide medically assisted detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation to anyone suffering from an addiction.

How We Can Help

Hopeless? Helpless? Scared? These are absolutely normal feelings to be going through when in the midst of an addiction. We have been there ourselves and we have come through to the other side. We can help you to recover through our psycho-educational group workshop programme. 

Why Choose Us

PCP has successfully treated over 3000 people since we started in 2005 – we pride ourselves in our people and our treatment programme. It takes time to develop a robust, effective service and we believe ours is as good as it gets, without breaking the bank. 

How to Get Help

There are many ways that you can contact us for advice, guidance and support. Call one of our addiction treatment consultants on 0800 0380 480 or alternatively email or use the Live Chat function at the bottom of the screen.


'Having been in many rehab clinics in my 20 years of addiction, I can absolutely say that PCP's is the best, and the only one that worked in the long term'
Jonathan, London.

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