Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

Crystal Methamphetamine is a hugely destructive drug that is becoming more commonly available in the UK

Crystal Methamphetamine has the ability to destroy people’s lives within a matter of months, due to the effects it produces and the addictiveness of the drug.

If you or a loved one have a problem with this drug, please call us today for immediate help and treatment.

What is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant Class A drug, that has powerful euphoric effects, similar to Crack Cocaine.

Crystal Methamphetamine can be snorted, swallowed, smoked or injected. Regardless of the route of administration, the same overwhelming desire for more will manifest itself in the user.

The main differences between Crystal Methamphetamine and Crack Cocaine are that Crack Cocaine is expensive and the euphoria only lasts a very short time, 5 to 20 minutes on average. Crystal Methamphetamine, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper to buy, gives a more potent high and the effects can last for anything between 4 and 12 hours.

The downside of Crystal Methamphetamine is that it destroys users fast. It has the addictive potential to pull a person into a sharp downward spiral into a world of daily hell and serious consequences.

What Does Crystal Methamphetamine Look Like?

Crystal Methamphetamine is typically sold in crystalised lumps that look like shards of glass or ice; hence the street names of Ice and Glass.

It comes in a range of different colours, including blue, pink and orange; as self-professed chemists add their own colour to define their brand of the drug. In its original form, it is usually clear or white.

Street Names and Slang Terms for Crystal Methamphetamine

Common street names and slang terms for Crystal Methamphetamine include:

Crystal Meth, Crystal, Meth, Glass, Ice, Cristy, Tina, Blade, Shards and Quartz

How addictive is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal Methamphetamine is extremely addictive, the euphoric effects are very pronounced and last a long time; it is also cheap and easy to buy.

There is a saying in the anti-drug activists’ world, “Crystal Meth – Not even Once!” suggesting that this drug has the ability to hook individuals from the very first time.

Crystal Methamphetamine has only recently come to the UK with use still relatively small, but addiction to it has reached crisis levels in America and throughout Asia.

The Perry Clayman Project (PCP) has encountered many individuals who have become addicted to this devil drug. We also treat patients who fly into the UK from overseas, seeking affordable rehab for their Crystal Methamphetamine addiction.

Trying to stop a Crystal Methamphetamine addiction without professional help, is almost impossible due to the intense cravings that withdrawal produces.

The Effects of Crystal Methamphetamine

Crystal Methamphetamine has very negative effects on the user once addicted. It also has the ability to kill from using it just even once.

Crystal Methamphetamine Effects – The Highs

  • Crystal Methamphetamine will make you feel chatty and confident
  • Effects can last for up to 24 hours
  • It is cheap to buy and manufactured worldwide
  • Euphoric effects include feeling invincible and energetic

Crystal Methamphetamine Effects – The Lows

  • Crystal Methamphetamine is extremely addictive
  • It has serious devastating effects on the mind and the body
  • Crystal Methamphetamine will take over your life due to its addictiveness
  • It can destroy an individual’s personality, looks  and life within a matter of months

How Dangerous Is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal Methamphetamine is not only highly addictive but is also extremely dangerous. It can cause irreparable damage to the body and brain and lead to death. Crystal Methamphetamine is a concoction of poisonous household chemicals that are not fit for human consumption.

The Class A drug is is manufactured in homemade laboratories and then distributed straight on to the street. Even one hit of Crystal Methamphetamine can cause instant death through respiratory repression, heart attack and drug poisoning.

Crystal Meth Addiction

Warning Signs a Loved One is Addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine

Warning signs to watch out for in a loved one who is possibly addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine:

  • Finding Crystal Meth paraphernalia:  glass and homemade pipes, tin foil and pierced aluminium cans, cut straws and hollowed out ink pens, needles and syringes – If they have a scorched or yellowy white residue in or on them, it is a sign of Meth abuse
  • Substantial weight loss
  • Decaying teeth
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sores on face from obsessive skin picking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Obsessive and borderline psychotic personality change
  • Unusual sleep patterns
  • Intense bursts of unusual energy
  • Valuables or money going missing
  • Evasiveness, secrecy, deceit

As the addiction progresses, the signs of Crystal Meth use will become more apparent, however, even early signs are likely to arouse suspicion.

Early intervention is critical when it comes to treating Crystal Methamphetamine addiction. We encourage you to calmly present any evidence to support your suspicions and offer to support your loved one in getting the correct treatment and help.

It is vital that in helping them, you do not enable their addiction in any way. This is likely to delay them in seeking life-saving rehab treatment.

Help for Crystal Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction

Specialist Crystal Methamphetamine help and treatment is hard to come by in the UK.  NHS community drug and alcohol teams are simply not equipped to treat abuse or addiction to Crystal Methamphetamine adequately.

The earlier you seek treatment the better your chances of sustaining recovery from this particular drug.

We strongly recommend a minimum of 8 weeks inpatient rehab treatment in one of our affordable and CQC registered treatment centres, located in London and around the UK.

We specialise in professionally treating and helping those addicted to, or abusing, Crystal Methamphetamine. If you have a Crystal Methamphetamine problem we can help.

PCP rehab provides inpatient long term programmes and third stage supported living accommodation. It is recommended that you stay as long as possible as cravings and withdrawals from this drug can be protracted.

Our third stage supported Move On houses accept housing benefit and provide a safe and sober environment within a supportive and well-established recovery community. For someone with a serious Crystal Methamphetamine addiction this an absolute lifeline to recovery.

Withdrawal and Detox from Crystal Methamphetamine

Withdrawal from Crystal Methamphetamine is very unpleasant and you will experience overpowering drug cravings. Further withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Severe anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Mood swings

Detox from Crystal Methamphetamine can take up to 4 weeks, sometimes longer in protracted cases of withdrawal. High levels of support and medical assistance are required for the duration to ensure your safety and help safeguard against relapse.

Rehab for Crystal Methamphetamine

If you have an abuse problem or addiction to Crystal Methamphetamine, your best chance of getting and staying clean is to admit to a reputable, residential rehab facility. Our residential treatment centre’s provide bespoke inpatient detox and rehabilitation programmes for Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction.

It is possible to find permanent recovery from Crystal Methamphetamine; we can show you how. Call us today to find out more about our rehabs and how we can help you to break free from this dangerous and destructive drug.