Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is often labelled as a gateway drug to harder and stronger substances that are renowned for causing addiction. What is neglected, is that cannabis itself is extremely addictive.

We treat cannabis addiction as we would any other addiction. Cannabis may not cause death through overdose, but being addicted can lead to debilitating mental health illnesses, long term memory loss, and at its worst suicide.

The Perry Clayman Project (PCP) provides bespoke detox and rehab for those that suffer from cannabis abuse or addiction. If you or a loved one need help, contact us now for a free assessment of your treatment needs.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a Class B illegal drug in the UK, that is widely used around the world. In some countries it is legal, but in the UK it is not.

Cannabis is derived from various parts of the cannabis plant and comes in varying forms with different strengths of the psychoactive ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is the chemical in cannabis that stimulates the brain’s reward/pleasure system and provides feelings of relaxation, euphoria, psychoactive effects and wellbeing.

Cannabis addiction and abuse can cause multiple problems including psychosis, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, paranoia and can even trigger the onset of schizophrenia.

Recreational cannabis is not the same as medical marijuana, which is medically approved in some countries

Street Names and Slang Terms for Cannabis

Street names and slang terms for cannabis include Hash, Cheese, Weed, Spliff, Blow, Grass, Pot, Ganja, Dope, Blunt and Skunk.

The Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis has different effects on different people. Some become very talkative, giggly and euphoric; some experience relaxing effects; others experience paranoia, panic, anxiety and distressing hallucinations.

How Cannabis is Used

Cannabis is used typically rolled with tobacco and smoked in a cigarette often referred to as a joint, spliff or blunt. It can also be smoked through a pipe or a bong. Some prefer to eat cannabis as an added ingredient to homemade tea, soups, cakes and cookies.

CBD oil can be vaped or swallowed.

Smoking cannabis with tobacco causes additional damaging effects associated with smoking.

Types of Cannabis

Cannabis comes in a variety of forms with different strengths of the psychoactive ingredient THC. All forms of cannabis have the potential to be addictive.

What is Synthetic Cannabis?

Synthetic cannabis, known as legal highs, has now been banned in the UK under the Psychoactive Substance Misuse act 2016. Now sold on the blackmarket, stronger and more potent strains are available than ever before. Certain brands such as Spice have similar effects to that of heroin.

Synthetic cannabis is anything but a safe, often containing other highly addictive substances.

What is Herbal Cannabis?

Derived from the flowers of the cannabis plant, herbal cannabis is similar in texture and appearance to dried grass. It often has a high THC content and a distinctive and pungent smell.

Herbal cannabis is often smoked with tobacco. This particular form of cannabinoid drug can cause severe mental health problems and is very addictive.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil contains the highest potency of all the strains of cannabis, it is a dark sticky liquid and is the least used for recreational purposes.

What is Cannabis Resin?

Cannabis resin is a popular recreational cannabinoid, commonly smoked in a joint or through a bong. It is solid pressed form, which can be heated and crumbled, added to tobacco or cooking.

Cannabis resin comes in varying shades of brown and black and has the lowest in terms of THC content. It is widely used and can easily lead to addiction.

How common is Cannabis Addiction in the UK?

Cannabis addiction is extremely common. Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in the UK and has been for many years.

The latest National Statistics published by NHS Digital, in February 2017 for England and Wales, show that children of school age were more likely to have taken cannabis than any other drug. 6.7% of all school-age individuals were reported to have taken cannabis in the last year.

Individuals aged 16-59, are more likely to use cannabis than any other drug, with around 2.1 million having used cannabis in the last year.

Cannabis and Mental Health

The THC in cannabis is renowned for causing mental health problems. Teenagers, in particular, are vulnerable to its mental health effects as their brains are still developing.

Regardless of age, cannabis can cause mental health illnesses, including psychosis, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Am I Addicted to Cannabis? The Signs

If cannabis use has affected other areas of your life, such as your personal relationships, finances, mental or physical health, career or social life; yet you still continue to use it – then yes, this is a sign you are addicted to cannabis.

If you find you cannot stop using cannabis, yet want to stop – again, this is a prominent sign of cannabis addiction.

If you want to quit cannabis but are unable to do so yourself or with community NHS help, you may need cannabis rehab. That being the case, please contact us so we can advise on how we can help you how to recover from cannabis addiction.

Treatment Options for Cannabis Addiction

If you have a problem that you feel is a little out of control but feel you can stop with help, then your local drug and alcohol services will be able to support you in doing so.

If on the other hand, cannabis is ruining your life and mental health, and you are desperate to stop but find you cannot, it is likely you are suffering from addiction.

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, that will compel you to continue using cannabis, even when you want to stop. Rehab is the most successful treatment option for those that are unable to stop cannabis in the community, who require intensive support and treatment.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting cannabis will produce withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, depression, irritability, cannabis cravings, insomnia, restlessness and aggression. These symptoms will subside with time.

Cannabis Detox

Whilst there is no recognised detox for cannabis, our treatment centre staff understand that stopping cannabis when addicted, will have withdrawal symptoms. We, therefore, provide a medically assisted detox at our cannabis detox and rehab clinics.

It is vital to us that you complete your cannabis detox whilst in our care and leave us cannabis-free. We, therefore, provide a high-intensity detox and rehabilitation programme for cannabis, enabling you to complete your cannabis detox comfortably.

Cannabis Rehab

Our clinics specialise in treating cannabis addiction and cannabis abuse. We have a number of CQC registered, successful UK cannabis rehabs, including a London location.

We offer affordable cannabis rehab of the highest specification. Our cannabis rehab centres provide a safe, secure and healing environment in which you can undergo effective addiction rehabilitation; ensuring you never have to return to cannabis again.

Cannabis Treatment Programmes

PCP’s cannabis treatment programme is both comprehensive and individualised to your personal treatment needs. We use a number of evidence-based therapies to treat the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your addiction.

We teach a number of highly effective relapse prevention techniques that will enable you to stay cannabis-free.

We provide free aftercare for all those that complete a treatment programme with us. Extended treatment and sober living accommodation are also available.