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Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation in Cardiff

PCP Cardiff is our newest residential drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

PCP Cardiff is a large affordable rehab, that offers excellent addiction treatment at a very competitive price. We have 9 large, single en-suite bedrooms and 2 sharing bedrooms, also with en-suite. 

Our treatment centre in Cardiff is one of the only clinics in the UK able to accommodate those with mobility issues, with a fully functional ‘wet-room’ – designed for those who who require use of a wheelchair. 

Our Cardiff rehab clinic is staffed 24/7 by fully trained and qualified staff, experienced in helping individuals through their detox and rehabilitation.

With a commercial kitchen and Chef on-site, we provide 3 nutritious meals a day.

What We Do

We provide safe, confidential medical alcohol detox treatment at one of our trusted residential alcohol rehab centres. All alcohol detox treatment is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is delivered by our experienced in-house doctors and nurses.

How We Can Help

Most alcoholics feel hopeless, no matter how much they want to stop, they fail time and time again. However it is possible to stop and to stay stopped! Our team has helped thousands to recover from active alcohol addiction. We are ready to help you overcome this deadly disease, are you?

Why Choose Us

We operate the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centres and have been successfully treating people for over 15 years. We treat our clients with respect and dignity, and pride ourselves on creating a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive your alcohol detox treatment.

How to Get Help

Getting professional help is the first real step to overcoming your alcohol addiction. We invite you to use the live chat function to get in touch with a member of our team or contact us via telephone for immediate support and admission. Call today on 0800 0380 480.

Ideal Rehab Location

Our rehab centre in Cardiff is ideally situated with a surprisingly fast train service from Paddington, London. Cardiff is the capital city and one of the principal areas of Wales. It is the eleventh-largest city in the United Kingdom. We are also very easy to access from all areas of Wales and overseas. The airport is situated in Bristol but it takes only one hour drive from our rehab centre.

Cardiff is a city made famous through its production and exporting of coal. The revenue generated through the exportation of coal enabled the city to continue to grow and develop, and by the 20th century, it was the greatest exporter of coal in the world.

Cardiff is home to an abundance of historical houses and castles. Cardiff Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales and for good reason. It houses over 2,000 years of history, from Roman times to the present day.

Cardiff is a great city if you love nature. There are a lot of parks, mountains to the north, the coast to the south, and castles all around. It’s small, so it’s easy to get around quickly, but major roads are dangerous for cyclists and we do get some gridlock during rush hour. Our families clients can visit the beautiful highlights while they are visiting our rehab centre.

Learn More About Our Rehab Clinic in Cardiff

Here at PCP, we have made it possible for the vast majority of individuals to access affordable alcohol and drug rehab. We understand the nature of addiction and are devoted to saving lives. We have every faith in our treatment programme, that has helped more than a thousand individuals to experience the miracle of permanent recovery from addiction.

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"The staff were all fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and very caring. Would highly recommend'

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