Addiction Rehabilitation in the Heart of The Midlands

PCP Leicester, our Midlands alcohol and drug rehab, is a spacious and beautifully decorated Victorian building; spanning over 3 floors in the heart of Leicester city centre.  Here we offer bespoke addiction treatment for those in need of an inpatient detox and rehabilitation programme.

Part of a large and well established, successful rehab company, The Perry Clayman Project is devoted to helping you or your loved one to recover from addiction or a substance misuse problem. We also treat those suffering from dual diagnosis, a co-occurring mental health illness and those suffering from behavioural/process addictions, including Gambling, Sex, Love, Codependency, Eating Disorders, Work, Spending and Gaming.

PCP Leicester, East Midlands is dedicated to delivering excellent standards of addiction treatment and care at an affordable price. We believe that rehab should be accessible by all and that no one should suffer or die as a result of untreated addiction.

Our affordable rehab centres mean that treatment is accessible for a broader spectrum of individuals in need of help.

PCP Leicester is within easy reach of all parts of the UK, and our rehab has a proven track record to helping suffering alcoholics and addicts to successfully break free from addiction.

We have every confidence in our excellent addiction treatment programme and our passionate and qualified team of staff, who deliver it. Our East Midlands rehab is able to accommodate up to 17 primary care inpatient clients at any one time.

For those that require higher levels of care during a medical detox from alcohol and drugs, we provide 24/7 intensive care. There is always someone to support you no matter what time of day or night.

We want to ensure that you or your loved one are as safe as possible during your detox and rehabilitation. We assure you that we take the disease of addiction very seriously and follow Care Quality Commission regulations and strict protocols to the lette

Getting Here

PCP Leicester in the Midlands is located conveniently, just a two-minute walk from the local train station and is easy to access from all parts of the UK and abroad. We recognised that there was a distinct lack of quality addiction help in the Midlands area, and so founded our rehab here in Leicester. Since then, we have helped hundreds of otherwise hopeless addicts and alcoholics to recover.

East Midlands Airport is not far away and is the closest to our rehab clinic. Shuttle buses run from the airport to the city centre every 30 minutes throughout the day and night. East Midlands Airport accepts flights from all over the UK, Europe and further overseas.

Leicester is also easy to access from London, with regular trains and buses running directly to the heart of the city and from London’s numerous airports.

Why our Leicester rehab?

We recognised that there was a distinct lack of quality addiction help in the Midlands area, and so founded our rehab here in Leicester. Since then, we have helped hundreds of otherwise hopeless addicts and alcoholics to recover.

Leicester City Centre is vibrant and multicultural; combining historical architecture with trendy cafes, restaurants, boutiques and designer shops. In the heart of the city centre close to our rehab, is the historic and iconic Clock Tower, nestled within centres main streets. Leicester attracts many visitors all year round and has much to see and do for all ages; making it the perfect location for families and visitors of our residents.

It is a hive of entertainment with regular markets and craft festivals. There are also many live music festivals and concerts throughout the year, including the soothing and harmonic sounds of the famous classical Leicester International Music Festival.

Leicester in Leicestershire also boasts its own breath-taking Cathedral, art gallery and museum, a university and college, and its own cultural quarter with a state of the art theatre.

The Midlands county, Leicestershire, further boasts rolling and stunning country-sides, Twycross zoo, Twinlakes Theme Park, historical houses and landmarks as well as many quaint villages to explore

Individualised Addiction Treatment

We offer a number of proven and extremely effective addiction and dual diagnosis treatments, delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff. We understand that each person has individual treatment needs, even if they are addicted to the same substance or suffering from the same illness. There is no one size fits all. We, therefore, offer personalised treatment programmes that address our clients individual treatment needs.

We effectively treat all kinds of substance and behavioural addictions and offer a safe, compassionate and healing environment, that fosters new healthier coping mechanisms within a healing but disciplined structure.

We also specialise in treating dual diagnosis and behavioural addictions and are able to effectively treat those sufferings from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Codependency and Eating disorders.

Our Midlands rehab treatment programme works within the foundations of the highly effective and proven 12 Step model of recovery, incorporating many medical and scientifically proven holistic therapies, including: CBT, One to Ones, Nutrition, person-centred Counselling, Sleep hygiene, Meditation, Interactive and educational workshops, Equine therapy, and much, much more! We also have our own Mindfulness practitioner and Codependency specialist.

Part of our treatment is to inspire our clients to fall in love with life, learn to love themselves and socialise with others; we therefore frequently arrange fun days out and also supervised visits into Leicester city centre.

Our Leicester clinic delivers a very comprehensive addiction treatment programme, completely dedicated to our clients’ long term recovery and wellbeing.

We offer up to 12 weeks of Primary Care intensive inpatient treatment, with extended care treatment options available.

Long-term and Short-term Treatment Programmes

Our Leicestershire alcohol rehab clinic delivers a number of bespoke addiction treatment programmes, ranging from short term detoxes to long term detox and rehabilitation.

We offer primary, secondary and tertiary care with supported living; Move On houses are within close proximity of our main rehab clinic.

Many of our clients that graduate from primary inpatient, either go on to secondary care or into our sober living houses. This allows them the time, with the support of our rehab counsellors and staff, to adjust to a sober and clean life.

We encourage clients that stay for secondary and tertiary care, to become part of our large, exciting, and well-established recovery community. Leicester recovery boasts daily meetings of AA, CA and NA, many of which are within walking distance from our treatment centre and recovery houses. This assists our clients in their continued growth and recovery; also enhancing structure and discipline in their daily lives.

We are also here to help clients develop new skills and access education if they wish. We help them to seek voluntary work and apply for educational and training courses. This is very much recommended as part of ongoing rehabilitation and integration.

We aim to provide a safe passage to normal living; allowing each individual the opportunity to become the person they have always wanted to be before addiction took over their life. There are a local college and university which our secondary and tertiary care clients can benefit from.

All patients that complete a primary care residential treatment programme with us, are offered one-year free aftercare. One to ones with our counsellors can also be arranged on an as-needed basis.

Supported Living Accommodation

To enhance the prospects for our Leicester clients long term recovery, we offer a large number of supported living houses, which we call ‘Move-On’. Many of our clients choose to stay here after completing inpatient treatment as they want to cement their recovery further. The third stage sober living provides a safe environment for those that do not have a suitable or safe home to return to.

If you would like to access our support living but don’t want stay in Leicester and would prefer to be closer to home, we also have supported living accommodation in Luton, Bedfordshire and Chelmsford, giving you a choice of where you would like to stay.

Whilst you are residing within our supported housing accommodation, we frequently conduct inspections and carry out random alcohol and drug tests. This ensures that our third stage housing clients stay safe, clean and sober. We also offer support for any issues you may experience in the early days of sobriety. You will regularly be able to attend our aftercare and request keywork sessions, whenever you need that extra guidance.

Treatment doesn’t have to stop just because your inpatient stay has finished; we offer a long term solution to support continued recovery in the community

Benefits of our treatment service in Leicester include:

  • 24/7 professional care available
  • Full medical alcohol and drug detox, conducted with enhanced levels of care
  • Comprehensive treatment for behavioural addictions
  • Affordable and cost-effective rehab
  • Short term and long term programmes
  • A holistic and person-centred treatment approach
  • CQC regulated
  • Ideal location for London and UK access
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Bespoke rehabilitation programmes
  • Multidisciplinary clinical team
  • Proven and effective addiction treatment
  • One to One Counselling
  • Mindfulness therapist
  • Codependency specialist
  • Supported housing
  • Equine Therapy
  • Free Aftercare on completion of treatment
  • Same day urgent admissions

“After completing a detox at a different rehab, I relapsed within weeks; this time I thought I would try a full treatment package to help me stay sober. Alcoholism had literally ruined mine and my family’s life. I was so entrenched in my alcoholic ways that a detox made no difference. Sure it got me sober, but I obsessed over alcohol continually on my return home; it was only a matter of time.

I attended PCP Leicester for a 12 week programme; the staff there were amazing and really know their stuff. They helped me to see that without treatment and a programme, I was powerless over my destructive thinking and behaviours and that unless I changed, I would drink again. This thought terrified me, so I took on board everything that they suggested and implemented it into my life. I slowly started to change for the better and by the end of the 12 weeks, looked and felt completely different.

This was 19 months ago and I’ve not touched a drop of alcohol since, neither have I wanted to. My sanity around alcohol has been restored and I continue to practice the recovery programme they showed me on a daily basis. I was taught that complacency is the enemy and this is where I had gone wrong before. Id removed the alcohol but not changed one bit. I still feel very young in my sobriety, as I am learning something new about myself each and every day.

It still astounds me that there is no compulsion to drink and that I can be of help and use to others today. They actually come to me for help! Something I absolutely love, is being able to pass on what I was shown to others; to help them find recovery and get well too.

I thoroughly recommend PCP rehab for their commitment to saving alcoholics and addicts lives. I finally feel I belong and am on the right track. I take each day at a time and one thing at a time, the pay off is a life beyond my wildest dreams!”